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When businesses were asked to work remotely, most companies were left unprepared for this sudden shift. As a result, most of us are working on our personal devices (computers, smartphones and other devices) that aren’t secure beyond a simple antivirus program or firewall. Devices used at offices are made secure by a company’s IT department if it has one. Without keeping up with software patches and using the company’s VPN for further security, data can be intercepted over the internet.

The safety net of ‘work from home’ policy has rather transpired to be a landmark moment for cybercriminals to develop…

As the pandemic is still surging, workplaces across the globe are changing. There are a lot of unknowns about what the world will look like post-coronavirus, but one thing is certain — life won’t return to how we once knew it. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Hopefully, soon enough, the Corona-virus era will be history, and many companies and businesses will resume full operations. …

A pathogen with the world at its mercy, sparing none. Deconstructing all that was familiar, breaking apart the commonplace, nullifying everything that was ever considered normal. This, a surmise of those that stand witness to the year 2020.

And here we sit by our little nooks, put together in makeshift hurriedness for the 10 am group call, that once meant huddling together with steaming coffee cups, or a stroll in clusters to the adda down below. It is a new world order, with each one rewiring themselves to new ways of communication and reinventing shop talk. Home is the new…

It was a reprieve once. It was where we headed — for comfort, for freedom, for a hot meal and a warm bed. This place called home was what separated the official from the personal. A space that was your own, with designated comfort zones. Every quarter of the day split evenly among each member of the family. Early mornings consumed by packing off the junior-most to school, mid-mornings shaped around getting oneself to office, the rest of the day dedicated to work — minus the concerns of home, evenings meant addressing those very concerns. Then came the starry nights…

These are difficult times for all of us across the globe. COVID 19 social isolation measures have had a profound impact on the psychological and mental well-being of individuals across society.

The uncertainty and worries related to finances, childcare, elderly parents, and job security disrupt our routines, our lifestyles and mental health. The uncertainty about the future, the ceaseless news coverage and the constant social media-driven flood of messages can increase our sense of anxiety and fear. Stress is a normal response to these types of situations. Stress disturbs our sleeping and eating patterns, leads to irritability or emotional outbursts…

Business Happiness Index
Business Happiness Index

Too many companies bet on having a cut-throat, high-pressure, take-no-prisoners culture to drive their financial success. A vast body of research on positive organizational psychology shows that not only is a cut-throat environment harmful to productivity over time, but that a happy environment will lead to substantial benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.

In our previous editions, we discussed why employee happiness is important and how we can achieve it. In this edition, we share a few stats to establish that happy employees mean good results for the company!

  • A study conducted at the University of Warwick showed…

Business Happiness Index
Business Happiness Index

What creates workplace happiness ?

Happiness is a precursor to a successful business. In the previous blog, we spoke about how happiness has to be an important factor in any company’s working culture. We established this by taking inspiration from Bhutan, a country that looks at happiness as an actual developmental parameter.

But, how exactly does a company go about this? What can be done to bring about a change in a company? What creates workplace happiness?

In this blog, we are going to touch base on exactly how this can be achieved.

Studies suggest that the most pivotal way…

Flexible Workspaces in CLayworks Create

Shared spaces where strangers converge and use common resources might be nightmarish in today’s world. But flexible office providers have stepped up their sanitization game and are now ready to welcome you back with open arms, correction, with folded hands!

Flexible offices- shared offices, co-working spaces, managed enterprise office solutions are the best bet in a post COVID era. Just being a little cautious in your choice of workspace, might work in your favour.
Let me tell you why you should opt for flexible workspaces now:

  1. You’ll need to work out of an office someday, if not soon then later

Starting a business is hard and no doubt we need money to start it. College students always stay broke because education costs increase every day. But no worries, here are the 7 business you can start while in college and pay the bill yourself.

1. Starting a blog and a website:


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